Monday, August 25, 2008

Things to do with Athens-area free time

My tennis PE class got canceled today. I have had nothing to do all day. So I took a run this morning from my place (it's actually lime sherbet, not blue) to downtown (it's scary running down MLK without any sidewalks), watched (am watching) multiple episodes of Entourage with our sweet On Demand in the living room and basically puttered around the cottage.

And, as usual, it got me thinking. What is there around here to do with my free time? As my last post pointed out, I finished my pleasure reading book recently, so I figured the first thing that I wanna do around Athens is find a hole-in-the-wall bookshop. Anyone know of any?

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions for other things to expand my knowledge of Athens in bits and pieces...I'm pretty much up for anything I guess, the more adventurous the better.


EJ said...

Jackson St. Books is a great place to find books, especially ones that you probably won't see in Borders or Barnes & Noble.

Brian said...

Jackson Street Books is a great recommendation.

The Jittery Joe's at 5 points also is a good place to have a cup of coffee, enjoy a book (yours or theirs) and enjoy some people watching.