Thursday, August 21, 2008

Senior Project

I've decided that my newfound interest in photography and my lack of time on UGA's campus create a perfect storm for a sort of senior project. I've decided that I'll be taking a single picture each Tuesday and each Thursday -- the only days of my classes on campus -- at the exact same spot on North Campus at the (relatively) exact same time until the end of next semester. Then I'll compile all the pictures, shrink them down and put them all in a frame as a sort of chronological mosaic of my senior year.

The catch: I haven't yet decided the place or the time. It'll have to be between 9:30am and 3:15pm because that's my class time, but I'm flexible (as long as it's during class change). And I have no idea about the location...the Arch has been overdone, the bell wouldn't bring in any nature, etc.

Any suggestions?

Pictures should begin next week, as I have to get my camera replaced at Best Buy today.


Brian said...

There is a great little "sunken" area near the corner of Lumpkin and Broad within the historic fence that is out of the way but beautiful. Daffodils in the spring, lots of trees, buildings, etc.

ET said...

That's a great idea! I hadn't even thought of it...definitely at the top of the list so far. I'll keep everyone posted.